Estate Cleaning in Anderson, IN

Cleaning out a loved one’s home and dealing with their possessions after their passing is never an easy task. Likewise, many people don’t have the time or the resources to tackle this project efficiently. ServiceMaster of Anderson is here to help, providing the estate cleaning services in Anderson, IN you need to get past this monumental task.

First-Class Estate Cleaning Services

Estate cleaning is much more intensive than a simple house cleaning in Anderson, IN. Possessions need to be allocated, boxed up, donated, properly disposed of or sold, while a property must be prepped for sale or auction before a specific deadline. Many people aren’t sure where to even begin!

Our team not only gets to work quickly in dealing with your estate, we handle every process with care. Through detailed cleaning techniques, we take care of every task you’re faced with, including:

When we’re done, you’ll be left with a home that’s spotless and empty, with all furniture and possessions properly dealt with.

43 Years of Experience

Our team specifically has experience with estate cleaning, making up aptly qualified to take on this job. No matter if the project is a small home or a mammoth estate, we come equipped to quickly and thoroughly attend to any estate cleaning needs. We’ll make sure everything is dealt with compassionately and appropriately, so you can focus on what matters while we take care of the cleaning and organization. Put our decades of expertise to work for you!

Meticulous Attention to Detail

When you choose to work with ServiceMaster of Anderson, our compassionate and skilled crew will reduce your burden and responsibility. Count on us to treat the possession with the utmost respect and consideration. We’ll make sure your needs are always a top priority and work diligently to ensure no mistakes are made. We understand that we’re dealing with heirlooms and other cherished possessions.

Get Estate Cleaning Services

If the time has come to tend to the possessions and property of a loved one, trust ServiceMaster of Anderson to get the job done right. Call us today at 765-649-2251 for a service quote.