Trauma Cleaning Services in Anderson, IN

ServiceMaster of Anderson is certified and experienced when it comes to providing trauma-related cleaning services in Anderson, IN. We frequently work with local authorities and other clients to handle sensitive remediation situations that other cleaning entities are not equipped for. We work quickly, safely and with the utmost discretion, to ensure the very best results when dealing with these special situations.

Skilled Cleanup and Remediation

Throughout our many decades of house cleaning in Anderson, IN, we’ve been tasked with a full scope of sensitive cleanups. This experience has led us to become a foremost authority in trauma cleaning, with expertise that spans a full gamut of situations, including:

  • Crime scene
  • Hoarding
  • Homicides
  • Natural death
  • Suicides
  • Tear gas cleaning
  • Trauma accidents
  • Vehicle mishap cleaning

Our ability to safely and professionally deal with prior crime scenes, death sites or areas with dangerous leftover contaminants makes us the premier expert in trauma cleaning services.

Safe Protocols and Procedures


In areas where blood-borne or airborne pathogens may exist, absolute safety measures are necessary. Our teams arrive to remediate these sites with a full scope of safety gear and equipment, assuring their wellbeing without hampering their ability to provide cleaning services. In addition, we can work effectively around toxic or noxious fumes, dangerous residues, glass, crush hazards and more.

Proper Handling and Disposal

With time spent on many previous crime scenes and trauma sites, we have a thorough understanding of materials handling and disposal. When you hire ServiceMaster of Anderson to remediate these sites, you’ll have complete confidence in our ability to work quickly and in accordance with the demands of that environment. We cut no corners and always put safety above all else.

Thorough Trauma Cleanup

Trauma sites require a refined degree of cleaning. Blood spatter can invade the tiniest crevices and noxious fumes can settle into any nearby fiber. Our cleaning approach is encompassing and granular—meaning absolutely nothing is overlooked. When you hire our team for a cleaning job, you’re only going to get the very best results.

For more information about our trauma cleaning capabilities or to schedule our team for a site cleanup, please contact us today by calling 765-649-2251.